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Raptor Count at Bukit Paralayang

2 October 2012
By using a motorcycle, I went to Bukit Paralayang for monitoring birds of prey. I arrived at 6:40 AM. I set my camera and put it on tripod. At 6:50 AM i saw one Sparrowhawk come out from the forest. Because in the distance i can't identify that bird. At 7:14 AM another Sparrowhawk flew from another side and three minutes later, one Japanese Sparrowhawk (Accipiter gularis) soaring in the distance. I got some record shots before it flew away.

At 7:24 AM one group (4 individuals) of Chinese Goshawk (Accipiter soloensis) come out from the forest, on the left side. I only use my binocular to identify them. Later, in the same forest, one adult Black Eagle (Ictinaetus malayensis) soaring for a seconds and back to the forest again. At 7:30 AM another group of Chinese Goshawk soaring above me, only 15-20 meters. From eleven individuals, I can only identify seven individuals (2 Males, 3 Females, and 2 Juveniles).

(Photo shows: One pair)

(Photo shows: Juvenile)

(Photo shows: Adult Female)

(Photo shows: Adult Male)

(Photo shows: another Juvenile)

Monitoring continued again:
7:39 AM, 6 Accipiter.sp
7:40 AM, 1 Oriental Honey-buzzard in the distance
7:43 AM, 26 Chinese Goshawk
7:54 AM, 1 adult female Chinese Goshawk
7:56 AM, one flock (60 individuals) of Chinese Goshawk soaring above the forest on the right side.

8:02 AM, 1 Juvenile Chinese Goshawk
8:03 AM, 1 Accipiter.sp
8:05 AM, 2 males and 2 juveniles Chinese Goshawk
 (Photo shows: Juveniles)

8:30 AM, 12 Chinese Goshawk
8:34 AM, 6 Chinese Goshawk on the left side, and 11 on the right side
8:38 AM, 7 Chinese Goshawk
8:42 AM, 1 female and 2 juveniles Chinese Goshawk with one flock of Fork-tailed Swift (Apus pacificus)
 (Photo shows: Juvenile)

8:44 AM, 8 Chinese Goshawk (2 females, 1 male)
8:54 AM, 24 Chinese Goshawk (5 males, 4 females, 2 juveniles)
9:02 AM, 10 Chinese Goshawk (3 females, 2 juveniles)
9:06 AM, 20 Chinese Goshawk gliding very fast
9:12 AM, 1 Oriental Honey-buzzard
9:14 AM, one flock (82 individuals) of Chinese Goshawk and 1 Oriental Honey-buzzard

9:19 AM, 13 Chinese Goshawk
9:21 AM, 16 Chinese Goshawk gliding
9:29 AM, 1 Oriental Honey-buzzard, 3 Chinese Goshawk
9:32 AM, 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk

9:37 AM, 1 male Chinese Goshawk
9:41 AM, 7 Chinese Goshawk (1 juvenile, 1 male)
9:43 AM, 1 Accipiter.sp
9:48 AM, 61 Chinese Goshawk gliding very fast
9:50 AM, 2 Chinese Goshawk gliding
9:56 AM, 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk
10:13 AM, 4 Chinese Goshawk
At 10:25 AM, The fog are very thick. But there's one Oriental Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilorhyncus torquatus) come out from the right side. And then he glide to my position, very close right above me. After that he flew back to the forest.

A few minutes later, the rain was very heavy so I take shelter in a shop (warung) until 2:50 PM. When the rains stop, i want to go back to my home, but not long after that my friends (Mas Duduy, Mas Alex, and Mas Hery) come. We wait until the rain stop. At 2:55 the sky was bright again, and we saw 6 Chinese Goshawk soaring in the distance. We just used binoculars to watch them.

Monitoring continued again:
2:59 PM, 2 Accipiter sp
3:06 PM, 1 Accipiter sp
3:12 PM, 3 Chinese Goshawk
3:17 PM, 5 Chinese Goshawk
3:20 PM, 3 Oriental Honey-buzzard soaring in the distance on the left side.
And at 3:26 PM,we saw one pair of Black Eagle come out from the forest and soaring together. One of them showed its talon. They're resident birds here.

3:30 PM, 1 Accipiter sp
3:31 PM, 14 Accipiter sp (should be a Chinese Goshawk, because they moved in one group)
3:35 PM, 3 Accipiter sp

We finished our monitoring at 4:40 PM. Another winter visitor that wee see is Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica), Blue-tailed Bee-eater (Merops philippinus), and Fork-tailed Swift (Apus pacificus).

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