Monday, October 15, 2012

Raptor Count at Bukit Paralayang

9 October 2012

I arrived at 06.30 AM, today the weather is cloudy and the wind is very strong. I just pray, hope for good weather and good result. At 06.43 AM one Japanese Sparrowhawk (Accipiter gularis) soaring in the distance (around 50-60 meters from me). Okay, this is a good start. At 06.58 AM, another Japanese Sparrowhawk gliding very fast, because the wind is very strong.
A few minutes later, my friend Ary Chim (Fikri Bakhtiar) come. Not long after that, a flock of Chinese Goshawk (Accipiter soloensis) come out from the forest on the left side. They numbered around 50 individuals, and two Japanese Sparrowhawk come from other side.

At 07.19, AM another flock of Chinese Goshawk come. We counted only 90 birds, but probably more than 90 birds, because they glide very fast and they come from many side.
07.28 AM, around 100 Chinese Goshawk soaring on the left side.
07.35 AM, 44 Chinese Goshawk soaring on the left side too
07.40 AM, 56 Chinese Goshawk gliding very fast with one Eurasian Hobby (Falco subbuteo). This is my first time see the Eurasian Hobby. Similar with Peregrine Falcon, but best identified by its unusually long, rather loose wings and characteristic swift-like flight. Also, the underparts are heavily streaked and the adults have rich chestnut undertail coverts.

07.41 AM, 31 Chinese Goshawk
07.43 AM, 25 Chinese Goshawk
07.45 AM, 42 Chinese Goshawk
07.46 AM, 35 Chinese Goshawk

07.48 AM, 26 Chinese Goshawk
07.52 AM, 1 Male Chinese Goshawk
08.00 AM, 1 Juvenile Japanese Sparrowhawk
08.03 AM, 3 Japanese Sparrowhawk

08.06 AM, 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk
08.07 AM, 10 Chinese Goshawk
08.17 AM, 120 Chinese Goshawk (2 Juveniles, 3 Males, 5 Females)

(Photo shows: Juvenile)
 (Photo shows: Juvenile)

08.19 AM, 84 Chinese Goshawk
08.24 AM, 13 Chinese Goshawk (3 Juveniles)
08.27 AM, 2 Oriental Honey-buzzard and 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk

08.36 AM, 16 Chinese Goshawk

08.42 AM, 3 Oriental Honey-buzzard and 1 unidentified Accipiter
08.50 AM, 45 Chinese Goshawk and 1 Japanese Sparrowhawk
09.10 AM, 1 Immature Black Eagle (Ictinaetus malayensis)


09.24 AM, 1 Male Chinese Goshawk
09.43 AM, 32 Chinese Goshawk
09.53 AM, 2 Oriental Honey-buzzard

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